Ring Bearer & Boys Bug Wedding Favor Ages 3 - 7

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Discover How to Keep Young Boys from Running Around During Your Reception and from Sliding on the Dance Floor!

Its simple, give boys ages 3 - 7 our child wedding favor just for preschool boys and feel smarter than ever.  Our youngl boys bug themed wedding favor is packed with quiet fun toys, removable stickers, and activities sure to keep busy boys from "bugging" your wedding guests!! :)  Order your boys wedding favors today and sleep good tonight!

This Darling boys’ Bug Themed Wedding Favor Includes:

·         16 Page Bug Activity Book
·         32 Page Scratch Pad for Doodling
·         4 Non-Toxic Crayons
·         Clear Magnifying Glass 
·         Assorted Bug Finger Puppet
·         2 Toy Insects
·         Bug Sticker Page
·         Plastic Net Bug Catcher
·         Assorted Plastic Maze
·         Mini Stuffed Bug-Eyed Insect

Not for children under the age of 3 years.