Ring Bearer & Boys Wedding Favor Ages 8 - 12

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Keeping Active Boys Sitting Quietly at Your Wedding Reception... is Much Easier Than You Think!

Give ring bearers and boys ages 8 – 12 our wedding favor and relax – they will be entertained at your reception!  School age boys think our wedding favor is super cool!  Full of fun, quiet puzzles, books and more that are designed to keep even active boys quiet and busy while sitting. 
Our activites are so fun that parents and other wedding guest might just want to join in!  Place your order today to keep ring bearers and other boys happy at your wedding reception!

Older Boys Awesome Wedding Favor Includes:

  • Silly Sticker Story Book (similar to Mad Libs)
  • 80+ Page Puzzle Activity Book
  • Plastic Compass Clip – just for fun
  • Cool Pen
  • 2-Sided Frog/Turtle Puzzle
  • Foam Mini 3-D Bug or Animal Puzzle
  • IQ Plastic Puzzle
  • Assorted Plastic Maze
  • Brightly colored Mesh Draw Sting Bag topped off with a white/colorful polka dot curling ribbon 
 Boys Wedding Favor for boys 8 - 12

  /!\ WARNING:
Not for children under the age of 3 years.