Play Dough is a No No at Weddings

February 2, 2015 @ 7:17 PM

Seems Quiet.. but Play Dough is a No No at Weddings!

But... Play Dough is Quiet and Kids Love it

Play Dough sounds like an innocent enough toy for a wedding. It is non-toxic, colorful, quiet and kids love to play with it!

Well, we hate to be the "bearer of bad news" but this fun, colorful play dough is on the "no no" list for toys at a wedding.

You see, Kids Wedding Fun has been providing Kids Wedding Favors online since 2007 and we have never included this innocent sounding toy to our sets! Why you ask?

So Why No Play Dough?

If you have spent time around any number of kids, you may have noticed kids use play dough differently! While some play with Play Dough and do not make a mess other kids get little pieces of this stuff everywhere! It almost looks...

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