Why a Candy Buffet May Be a BAD Idea...

Why a Candy Buffet May be a Bad Idea as a WEdding Favor for Kids!

As Wedding Favor For Children!

Candy Buffets (also called Candy Bars) are the latest craze in wedding desserts and they seem to be growing in popularity! These beautifully displayed tables are filled with colorful goodies and sweets that make a memorable wedding event!

Many brides choose to do a sweets table with oodles of candies, cupcakes or other goodies and let their wedding guests helps themselves to this sweet treat and can serve as a wedding favor too! This is fun for adults and we can see why this a popular choice for wedding venues these days.

But Children Love Candy...

So what is the problem?  You give kids what they love for a wedding favor all is good. Not so fast! When some children see an open bar of sweets, it becomes the focus of the event for that child. They may not be able to wait until after the meal and may continue to ask their parents time and time again, about getting something off the candy buffet.

Second, when the children are allowed to partake in the candy buffet, they may easily overdo it and not only get the dreaded "kid sugar high" but also a tummy ache. If that is not bad enough, after the sugar high wears off, then they have the kids sugar crash, which some experienced in childcare will tell you is a bad experience for all around!

So What Can you Do?

Are we recommending a Veggie Bar instead? The short answer is NO!

Are we recommending that you hide the Candy Buffet for adults only?  No, the candy bar is a fantastic display and fun for all to view! Keep reading to see a great solution to this problem!

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

Our suggestion... You can have a Candy Buffet as a Wedding Favor for adults and kids can have their share too,  BUT you must also have fun activities for the kids to do to keep them entertained! This will give the kids something else to focus on than just the sweet wedding favor table and they will be less likely to drive their parents crazy asking for more sugary treats!

What Type of Wedding Activities for Kids?

We are glad you asked!  More than just crayons and coloring books, you can give the kids age-appropriate quiet games, puzzles, finger puppets and more! For best results, make sure each child has their own wedding activity set so they don't have to worry about sharing or standing on a chair to reach a favorite color of crayon across the table!   

We have all sorts of wedding favors for kids starting at just $5 each - so you can keep the kids busy and enterained without breaking your piggy bank!

See some Wedding Candy Bar Ideas on Pinterest.

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