Secret to Turning Kids into Angels at Your Wedding

Little Girl Dressed Like an Angel

Children Are Coming to Your Wedding - Are Your Ready?

You are planning a wedding and children are on the guest list. Maybe you have little flower girls or darling ring bearers that will be in your wedding. Or, maybe you secretly really want an all adult wedding, but don't feel right telling friends or relatives to leave the little ones at home!

Well, no matter how you slice it, you need a way to make sure your young wedding guests do not alter the fabulous wedding you have planned!

We Have a Very Simple Two Step Solution...

The solution is so simple, it seems almost to easy you are sure to think it was obvious! But, you see most folks get so busy in planning for the wedding guests, they forget about the kids attending the wedding. And, after they arrive at the wedding day, they are just too busy to do much more than toss some crayons and coloring books on the table and hope for the best. Sometimes the bride and groom even hire a babysitter during the wedding or reception and think that will solve the problem, but that does not always work as expected. Click Here to read about our suggestions when hiring a wedding babysitter so you can decide if that is a solution for your big day!

First, Kids Get Cranky When They Are Hungry! Step #1 - Give Them a Snack.

Let's, face it, adults get cranky when they are hungry, but they are better at hiding it :) This is an easy fix. So, for your young guests, be sure to have small child friendly crackers or low sugar animal crackers to tide them over. Avoid candy, as that will fill them up and ruin their appitite for the meal to come. In addition, we have all heard about sugar high kids get and terrible crash when it leaves, so make sure you do not have your wedding guests witness this on your special day!

Ask your caterer or wedding venue if they provide a simple kid friendly light snack and see if they can provide this at a low cost or allow you to bring your own snacks for the kids.

Second, Kids Need Something to Do!  Step #2, Give Them More Than Just Crayons!

So Crayons and Coloring Books are a great start BUT because kids see these items almost daily, you need something unique to hold their attention for more than a few minutes! We suggest age-appropriate puzzles, games, finger puppets and more for each child (so you do not have sharing issues)!

At Kids Wedding Fun, we have wedding favors for kids starting at just $5 a child and we have two different sets. One wedding activity set for younger children ages 3 - 7 years of age. Another wedding table activity set for older children ages 8 - 12.

Check out our sets to see what we include in our child wedding activity sets if you want to brainstorm a plan for kids at your wedding, or if you want us to handle the details - we will be happy to box them up and ship them you to you in a jiffy!

If you are looking for something special for your young wedding attendants, like a flower girl or ring bearer, we even have deluxe activities sets at great prices! Click to see our Flower Girl Wedding Sets or our Ring Bearer Wedding Sets

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