No Piñata Grab at My Wedding!

Bright Piñata Hanging - Don't Let Your Kids Table Become A Piñata Grab!

Kids Are Easily Excited!

Let's face it, one of the super fun things about kids is that they are easily excited! For example, when a Piñata breaks, they happily dash over to the ground and start to gather all the candy possible with a huge smile!


But that same excitement is not so great when children are attending a wedding!

We have 2 suggestions to make sure children keep calm at your wedding reception tables.

Tip #1:

First, resist the temptation put a pile of crayons, coloring books, puzzles and more in the center of a table! 

To keep things calmer at your Kids Wedding Table, be sure to divide out the children's favors or goody bags at each spot so each child has one set. so that there is not a huge pile of goodies on the table, and children and reaching and grabbing across your wedding table for crayons, coloring books, sticker and more!

Tip #2:

Second, if your wedding reception does not have a set Children's Table, we recommend that you have your wedding party be in charge of passing out a wedding activity set to each child as they enter the reception. That way each child has their own gift and there will not be reaching and grabbing at your wedding!

Thank you for reading this post - we sure hope this has helped in your planning!

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