Play Dough is a No No at Weddings

February 2, 2015 @ 7:17 PM

Seems Quiet.. but Play Dough is a No No at Weddings!

But... Play Dough is Quiet and Kids Love it

Play Dough sounds like an innocent enough toy for a wedding. It is non-toxic, colorful, quiet and kids love to play with it!

Well, we hate to be the "bearer of bad news" but this fun, colorful play dough is on the "no no" list for toys at a wedding.

You see, Kids Wedding Fun has been providing Kids Wedding Favors online since 2007 and we have never included this innocent sounding toy to our sets! Why you ask?

So Why No Play Dough?

If you have spent time around any number of kids, you may have noticed kids use play dough differently! While some play with Play Dough and do not make a mess other kids get little pieces of this stuff everywhere! It almost looks...

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Why a Candy Buffet May Be a BAD Idea...

January 5, 2015 @ 7:49 AM

Why a Candy Buffet May be a Bad Idea as a WEdding Favor for Kids!

As Wedding Favor For Children!

Candy Buffets (also called Candy Bars) are the latest craze in wedding desserts and they seem to be growing in popularity! These beautifully displayed tables are filled with colorful goodies and sweets that make a memorable wedding event!

Many brides choose to do a sweets table with oodles of candies, cupcakes or other goodies and let their wedding guests helps themselves to this sweet treat and can serve as a wedding favor too! This is fun for adults and we can see why this a popular choice for wedding venues these days.

But Children Love Candy...

So what is the problem?  You give kids what they love for a wedding favor all is good. Not so ...

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Secret to Turning Kids into Angels at Your Wedding

January 3, 2015 @ 11:13 PM

Little Girl Dressed Like an Angel

Children Are Coming to Your Wedding - Are Your Ready?

You are planning a wedding and children are on the guest list. Maybe you have little flower girls or darling ring bearers that will be in your wedding. Or, maybe you secretly really want an all adult wedding, but don't feel right telling friends or relatives to leave the little ones at home!

Well, no matter how you slice it, you need a way to make sure your young wedding guests do not alter the fabulous wedding you have planned!

We Have a Very Simple Two Step Solution...

The solution is so simple, it seems almost to easy you are sure to think it was obvious! But, you see most folks get so busy in planning ...

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No Piñata Grab at My Wedding!

December 30, 2014 @ 9:57 PM

Bright Piñata Hanging - Don't Let Your Kids Table Become A Piñata Grab!

Kids Are Easily Excited!

Let's face it, one of the super fun things about kids is that they are easily excited! For example, when a Piñata breaks, they happily dash over to the ground and start to gather all the candy possible with a huge smile!


But that same excitement is not so great when children are attending a wedding!

We have 2 suggestions to make sure children keep calm at your wedding reception tables.

Tip #1:

First, resist the temptation put a pile of crayons, coloring books, puzzles and more in the center of a table! 

To keep things calmer at your Kids Wedding Table, be sure to divide out the children's favors or goody bags at each spot so each child has one set. so...

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