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Kids Wedding Fun - Mission

Kids Wedding Fun offers unique, children’s wedding favors designed to keep kids entertained during a wedding ceremony, wedding rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception. 

Our beautifully wrapped child wedding favors are more than just gifts; they are filled with age-appropriate activities, games, puzzles and more. With a presentation so lovely they are a joy to display on the most elegant of wedding reception tables! Click here to see our fun-filled wedding favors for kids that are just perfect for a flower girl or ring bearer gift. 

Founded by a Mom with Young Children

Kids Wedding Fun is part of a family-owned business started in 2002 that specializes in children's favors, toys, and travel activities. 

In 2004, our family was involved in a wedding with three children in tow - ages 3, 5, and 7.  As most weddings are, the activities were geared for adults. This out-of-town wedding started with a 5-hour car ride. The weekend included a formal rehearsal dinner, evening church wedding (which started one hour before our kids bedtime), and an elegant sit-down dinner reception.  Because we were in the business of favors - we offered to help the bride and groom with quiet activities for their child guests for the rehearsal dinner, as well as the wedding reception.  

Wedding Favors Needed to Give Kids Something to Do!

Wedding activities needed to be quiet, not messy, and hold kids' attention!  We packaged a few activities and toys in pretty cello bags and gave them out to all children who attended the wedding.  Somehow, we were able to keep all three of our children relatively happy and quiet during the wedding rehearsal dinner and the wedding reception.  We also noticed that the other children in attendance were sitting quietly as well.  

Many changes have been made to those first favors - they no longer are placed in pretty but crinkly cello bags - and we have added new puzzles and games too!


Wedding Favors Starting at $5 Per Child 

Kids Wedding Table Activity Set Just $5 Each Child

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