FAQs about Wedding Favors for Children  

Q.  Why do I need to buy a separate wedding favor for the children attending our wedding?  Wouldn’t it be easier to just give the Ring Bearer and Flower Girls and other young wedding guests the chocolates I plan to give as a wedding favor to the adults?

A.  Most wedding favors that are given to adults are not intended as wedding gifts for children. Some are not safe, such as soap (a child may believe this is food), and some are messy like the wedding favor chocolates. In addition, none of the adult wedding favors will keep kids entertained during the wedding reception! We designed our  Child Wedding Favors to keep children entertained and serve as a thoughtful gift too!  What a wonderful way to prevent bored, unhappy children!


Q.  We will have dancing at our wedding reception.  Kids love to dance – isn’t that enough activity for our Flower Girls and Ring Bearer? 

A.  Well, although children love to dance, they must wait until the bride and groom open up the dance floor. Waiting is difficult for most children, especially the Flower Girls and Ring Bearers – who have already had a long weekend by the time they reach the wedding reception!  Giving wedding favors designed just for children filled with fun activities and puzzles will make the time fly by and keep them quiet and busy too until they can join you on the dance floor! See our Flower Girl Gifts and Ring Bearer Gifts  - you are sure to be happy at the low price!


Q.  Certainly the children’s parents will bring something for the child to occupy them during the wedding reception – why do I need to do this?

A.  Although most parents have good intentions, getting ready to go anywhere with children can be problematic.  Simply dressing children to attend a wedding can be downright insane! (Ask me how I know). Kids do not like the uncomfortable clothes and shoes, they may have missed a nap, or they are not looking forward to sitting still at a big church or other location. Most parents will be lucky to make it on time and will dig for a pen and a scrap of paper from mom’s purse to entertain the child during the wedding.  You will be a hero if you provide an wedding activity for children to do during your wedding reception. Mom and Dad can act like real wedding guests as their children sit quietly and work on games, puzzles, and coloring books.


Q. We plan to hire a babysitter during the wedding and reception.  Will I still need to provide wedding favors for children or activities for children during the wedding reception? 

A.  Babysitters are great in certain situations, but it is important to know that hiring a babysitter does not solve all child-related problems. Considering that most preschoolers go through a separation anxiety - and the babysitter, room and other children would not be familiar - fewer parents will use the babysitter than you think.  Even older kids who do not have the anxiety of leaving parents may feel that the babysitter is boring and would rather stick it out with their parents. Having wedding activities for children to do right beside their parents is a fantastic solution!  See all our Child Wedding Activity Sets. They are much more than just crayons and a coloring book. Our child wedding sets are filled with games and activities children can play by themselves or quietly with a friend - all sitting at a table - close to mom and dad!  Now everybody will enjoy the wedding reception!  


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