6 Wedding Reception Table Tips for Kids

Based upon table size, guests, and unique family situations, deciding who sits where can be as challenging as a difficult puzzle. If you have decided to have a children's table, here are a few hints and tips to help a table full of child wedding guests stay quiet and content during your reception: 

Tip #2: A Children's Menu is a "Must Have" for Kids

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Kids Love Simple Foods Like Cheese Pizza, Chicken Nuggets...

So skip the to gourmet food (like stuffed mushrooms),and choose familiar foods for your child wedding guests to eat and everybody will be happier. (Your flower girls and ring bearers will be thrilled to fill their tummies with familiar foods!)  

If the meal is a buffet, consider choosing a few child-friendly items to add, like chicken strips with dipping sauces. They might have fancier name, but kids will think of them as chicken nuggets. Also, a fantastic bonus for you: child-friendly food generally costs much less than your caterer’s most popular dishes! Read More ==>



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